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Buying A Watch For Your Lady: Tips to Keep In Mind

Mothers’ Day is just around the corner, and for those who still have not decided on what to get for your wife, a luxury watch is a thoughtful gift that you could potentially consider as an option. However, selecting a timepiece for your better half is a slightly different and more intricate process as compared to buying for yourself as there are different priorities to what makes a watch ‘The One’ - here’s how you can navigate this process.

Rolex Datejust Watch: Everose Rolesor


Suit Your Lady’s Lifestyle

This might seem intuitive but as passionate as you are in your timepiece collection, remember that you are purchasing this watch for someone else who might have a completely different aesthetic and style from you. It is one thing to geek out and fawn over unidirectional rotatable bezels or moon phases and quite another to get a better understanding of what makes sense and what appeals to your other half. As passionate as you might be for certain sports models for example, it is important to take a step back to evaluate if they might be a good choice for your other half. You know her best - her lifestyle would indicate the type of timepiece which would be most suitable for her. If she has an active lifestyle, a women’s sports watch would elevate her style. Alternatively, if she is a working career woman, a dress watch with gemstones and intricate detailing would be suitable to make a lasting impression when she attends formal work events.

Rolex Lady-Datejust Watch: Everose Rolesor


The Clue is in the Accessories

Even as we narrow the type of watch that would be suitable for your other half, colour scheme and design is a whole new territory where you need to tread carefully. Unlike men, women tend to wear their watch along with accessories such as earrings, bracelets and more which means that you would need to pay close attention to - to avoid your gift becoming a white elephant, it is imperative for her watch to be complementary with pieces she already has. Even if piling on accessories is not her style, it is also a sign for you to pick a timepiece that is classic and simple. One way you can make sure that your gift gets enough airtime among her other accessories is to get her a watch with interchangeable bands. This way, she is able to wear her watch with leather straps for a casual day out and swap them out for a metallic one for a dressier look at work. With this added versatility of one watch being able to work for different occasions, you’ll be able to indulge and get a better quality watch as well.

Rolex Cellini Moonphase Watch

Size does matter

Size is completely up to your lady’s preference - some prefer the feminine look of a petite timepiece, while others choose to rock timepieces with a larger face and more masculine features. The size of your lady’s wrist also plays a part in deciding which would suit her better. While there are no good or bad watches for specific wrist sizes, some watches with larger band widths might look more awkward on skinnier wrists, so it is entirely up to your discretion and the need to balance between aesthetics and suitability.

Rolex Lady Datejust 18Ct Everose Gold

Materials and Colors matter

The look and feel of the watch material is arguably more important when it comes to selecting a lady’s watch. As established, a watch acts as an accompaniment to her other pieces of jewelry, ideally syncing up with her style and other accessory choices for the day. There are a few key materials that are ‘staples’ in womens’ colour palette and some corresponding watch complements

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date with Pink Opal Dial


On top of material, accent colours are also something to take note. Gold and platinum tones tend to be pretty versatile in this regard which make these type of watches a safe bet to complement most womens’ styles. Similarly, they tend to be more subtle - if you are looking for a stand-out item for your other half, you could take a leap of faith and choose more adventurous colour tones like black, white or even blue. Of course, Colour is a very personal choice, but there is no harm in gifting something different for a rare special occasion.

Overall, choosing a watch for your other half (or for anyone else, for that matter) can be very difficult given that it is such a personal decision. However, remember that ultimately you are getting her a statement timepiece that complements her own unique style, so think about what would make her choose your timepiece gift to wear over all others. Good luck!

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