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My 2022 Lunar New Year Wishes

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, we can’t help but look at the past year and thank everyone for the support shown in the past year. As COVID rages on, we take comfort in the fact that during these times we continue to receive the most heartwarming support from our customers and friends. Ahead of Chinese New Year, we’d like to extend 6 heartfelt wishes to our customers:


The year of the Tiger presents opportunities for us, whether in our personal or professional lives. In the past 2 years, we have had the opportunity to revamp our marketing strategy, aggressively innovating and improving the way we do things to keep up with the times and will grab any opportunity we have to ensure that our customers, past and present, receive the best of service that we can offer. Whether 2022 brings new wealth, career advancements, love (or perhaps new timepieces to add to your collection) - wishing our customers and friends the best of opportunities to come this year, and more importantly, the courage to pursue them!


The Tiger is known for its vigor and vitality, and it seems like as we have now hit Year 3 of COVID, vigor and vitality are qualities we sorely need - The energy to stay positive, the effort to keep trudging on in ambiguous times, and the enthusiasm to live life meaningfully with our loved one. In 2022, may we possess the physical and mental strength to keep fighting and thriving no matter the obstacles and circumstances - and to be able to face life with positivity and enthusiasm.


We at KHH strongly believe that there is wealth in cooperation, especially when it comes to watch allocation. We are incredibly thankful to our customers (and friends) who remain loyal to KHH despite long waits and are patient with us as we seek to allocate your desired timepiece. When there is mutual respect, reciprocal loyalty naturally follows - this is a solemn promise from us to you to treat our long-time customers first.


Aside from everyone’s ambition to attain a coveted sports model, or to build a more extensive timepiece collection, realizing ambition and potential to self-improve is always something that my staff and I place great importance on. Whether it is to ensure that it continues to strive for better service, keeping up with the times. To our customers, may you soon realize your ambitions to grow your timepiece collection for generations to follow and appreciate. To our KHH team, may we continue to grow together professionally - the best is yet to be.


Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of motivated people. This is the team of people we rely on day in day out - our KHH family. Our collective vision to deliver the highest level of service to our customers is something we live by, whether it is through regular sales and technical training or brainstorming sessions to improve the way we do business. It is always a learning process with us, as we remember never to take anything for granted. As always, we want to thank our KHH staff for the hard work and dedication - wishing our team continued success!


The key to happiness is being happy by yourself for yourself - this is a quote that I strongly live by. As easy as it is to be influenced and affected by external circumstances, we can indeed be happy and find inner peace and tranquility in everything around us. It might not be easy, but it is my sincere wish that our team, customers and friends find your own sources of happiness, and may your happiness fill your lives with meaning, excitement and inspiration.

May everyone have a roaring New Year of the Tiger!

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8 comentários

31 de jan. de 2022

Have a blessed year ahead.


29 de jan. de 2022



28 de jan. de 2022

Happy Chinese New Year to Team KHH! 虎年大吉!



28 de jan. de 2022

祝你虎虎生威!Huat ah!


28 de jan. de 2022


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