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Saying Thank You

It’s been a while, indeed. Since COVID-19 first appeared and changed our lives since, it has been a trying 1.5 years of adapting to ever-changing regulations while keeping positive that things will soon get better, not only business-wise, but also in our personal lives.

Thankfully, the latest announcement from PM Lee is encouraging as sure enough, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of the New Normal. With this, we can’t help but feel sentimental about what we’ve collectively gone through together, and what we choose to continue staying grateful for.

Friends & Colleagues

Nothing would be possible without the support from our esteemed colleagues and friends. For sticking by with us during trying times and little gestures of support, we are and will always be thankful.

To our colleagues of Kee Hing Hung, you are the pillar of strength that keeps us going and thriving. From Circuit Breaker lockdowns, Heightened Alert phases and ever-evolving changes, you have remained steadfast in your commitment to service friends of KHH in the most professional manner. A quote that I’ve come across encapsulates my thoughts exactly - ‘You don’t build a business - you build its people and then people build the business.’ Thank you all for everything you do - Kee Hing Hung would surely not be where we are if not for all your hard work.

To friends of Kee Hing Hung, what can I say… It is a given for us to be sincere and provide the best service to our customers, but what we never expected, we received in abundance. For the kindness, support and (occasionally) good food - we will always be grateful to you for thinking of us. It is a shame that we are not able to gather as much as we did and party like it’s 2019 - nevertheless, as sure as the tides will turn, we look forward to organizing fun outings to catch up with everyone as soon as it’s safe to do so.

The new generation at the helm

Many of you would already have met Tron, who has recently started working with Kee Hing Hung to learn the ropes and get familiar with the family business. It has been a fruitful journey not only for Tron but also for the business as we ready ourselves for continuous innovation. With Tron’s fresh pair of eyes, I am certain that we are in good stead to cater to our evolving customer demographic. There are still many bridges to cross and much knowledge to be shared, nevertheless I am proud to say that Tron has been learning quickly and growing exponentially - and in good time, take the helm to drive Kee Hing Hung forward.


We at Kee Hing Hung love a good celebration - not only to have a good time together, but more importantly to mark the key milestones we have achieved with our colleagues and friends. We missed our big celebration in the form of our 50th anniversary - pre-COVID times would have called for movie screenings, yacht trips and mass gatherings with food, drinks and a good time - those were truly the good old days. While COVID restrictions resulted in scaled down/no activities, this has not made our 50th any less significant. If anything, it is more heartening to remember that our customers continue to support us since the very start, COVID or no COVID.

Yacht Party 2019

Movie Screening of Ip Man 2019

Tudor Black Bay Dark Chrono Watch Launch 2019

KHH 50th Anniversary 2020

Rolex Novelties 2021 Presentation

CNY Visit 2021

While it seems like we’re not able to celebrate our 51st anniversary in full swing, I would still like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being on this journey with us - it has truly been a wild yet exciting ride that we would not have fully appreciated if not for our loyal customers (now friends). We cannot wait to celebrate our 52nd with all guns blazing - fingers crossed for 2022!

Till then, stay safe!

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Looking forward to more KHH celebrations!



Congratulations KHH !!



Thank you and congratulations on 51st anniversary for Kee Hing Hung!

The Best AD where dreams & friendships starts!



Heartiest congratulations again!!! Simply the best AD in the world, forged with love and friendships



Thank you for the wonderful and fun journey too!

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