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Reimagining the Classics

We’re officially in the half year mark of 2021 - with the pandemic situation seeing no signs of recovering anytime soon, we have been slowly but surely embracing the new normal. Whether it is getting comfortable with QR codes for contact tracing and payments or staying home majority of the time, one thing is for sure: Pre-COVID times are no longer something we can expect to get back to. We can only look to them as good old days we can only look back fondly on while we trudge forward and carve ourselves a bigger and brighter future.

In the spirit of trudging forward, even during these uncertain times, Rolex seems to be leading the pack with thoughtful innovation. I’m talking about their new release of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust range, with this year’s collection of patterned dials being the talk of the town, of course. One cannot easily forget the brilliance that is the Rolex 2020 Oyster Perpetual in 5 colourful lacquers, but as sure as the sun will rise, Rolex seems to outdo themselves with every new season.

While last year was a pop of colour, this year is all about shiny new motifs - the classic Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36 has been given a thoughtful makeover with new motifs embellishing the dials. Two patterns, one inspired by balmy palm trees (anyone up for a vacation?) and the second by the brand’s traditional fluted pattern, are now featured on the dial. Like all Datejust 36 models since 2018, these new joiners come fitted with calibre 3235 covered by Rolex’s stringent Superlative Chronometer certification.

Palm Motif

We love ourselves a bit of adventure, especially during these home-bound times. What better way to reminisce about (and look forward to) our exotic island vacations with Rolex’s new Datejust 36 Palm Motif? The face is inspired by tropical forests and palm trees, and the leafy frond pattern is the star of the show and features a lush depiction of palm textures. We love the fact that Rolex did not simply print the tropical palm dial, but rather etched using precision lasers. Although this cheeky number comes in various colours, our heart belongs to the green variant in particular as this is a nice walk down memory lane of our pre-COVID trips to the sandy beaches of Okinawa, balmy weather of Phuket, tropical islands around Great Barrier Reef in Australia… one can dream! Perhaps by owning one of these wrist candies, we get to hold a piece of wanderlust with us, just until our barriers are open and free again.

Fluted Motif

‘Grow up high and higher, but never forget your roots.’ Indeed, as Rolex continues to step up their game with each collection , with this Fluted Motif they pay homage to their signature aesthetic style of the iconic fluted bezels found in the Rolexes of future past. We find this piece especially heartening - to us, the fluted design serves as a mark of distinction, highlighting how far Rolex has come through the years, all the while sticking true to their beliefs while continuing to rise to greater heights. Thanks to its pattern of engraving, the fluted motif offers alternating finishes, showing off almost 2 different colour tones, emphasizing depth and texture of the dial which bounces off the light beautifully.

More than just amping up your wrist game, Rolex’s new collection is a timely reminder to always dream big, but respect what brought you to where you are in the first place. It is clear as day that Rolex is becoming more fresh and continuing to be innovative by reiterating, refreshing and improving all-time favourite timepieces with new dials - and customers are lapping it up. Combining the old and new, you can be sure that Rolex will continue to capture the hearts and minds of the people while maintaining the traditional spirit of Rolex.

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