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A Circuit Breaker Photolog

After what seems like an eternity, community cases have gone down and we have finally moved into Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker. It was definitely a trying 2.5 months to get used to the new normal of staying at home, so I for one am very excited to storm the malls (albeit cautiously and at a safe distance!) again.

Nevertheless, being ‘stuck at home’ is not all gloom and doom. Despite being indoors most of the time, I still managed to take some of my favourite timepieces out for some airtime every once in a while.

Whether it was attending our regular online team meetings with my WFH-appropriate Tudor 7928 Tropical Dial With Big Lollipop,

Spending time in the great outdoors with Momo and my sporty Tudor Black Bay Commandement des Operations Speciales

Watching popular TV shows on Netflix with my Tudor Fastrider Black Shield 42000CR (comfortable rubber straps to last hours of movie-marathoning!)

Pumping petrol with my Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

Jumping in for a quick morning swim with my Tudor Heritage Black Bay State of Qatar

Celebrating Fathers' Day with my Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue Series - and my loving family of course -

Indulging in durian with Tudor Prince Date Tiger 79280, both in my favourite colour -

Walking down memory lane with my Tudor Black Bay Blue (commissioned for the Metropolitan Police's Royalty and Specialist Protection Unit)

And finally, heading out for a much-deserved Japanese lunch celebration with my Tudor Heritage Black Bay Harrods 79230G Special Edition

As we are all slowly getting used to the new normal and heading out again, remember to always stay happy, stay healthy and stay safe - and always with a Tudor in hand!

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Jun 29, 2020

Fantastic write ups with pleasant photos. Happy Anniversary


Jun 28, 2020

Very beautiful timepieces... Especially the fast rider which I cannot see anymore! 🤣


Jun 28, 2020

Those collector pieces are awesome! Happy Anniversary!


Johann Tan
Johann Tan
Jun 28, 2020

Congratulations and happy anniversary KHH


Lemond Tan
Lemond Tan
Jun 28, 2020

Great read and contents. Very inspiring.

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