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12 Watch Resolutions for 2021

I think it is safe to say that 2020 (or ‘affectionately’ known as the year of the COVID-19) brought major changes to everyone’s lives. However, I like to think that the crazy year has been a great teacher for us all as we start to appreciate the little things in life, re-evaluate what is important and strive towards a better future. The start of every new year is the perfect time to make a few resolutions and 2021 is no exception. It would not be a blog post without our favourite topic of timepieces - rather than the usual ‘eat healthy’, ‘save more’ and ‘exercise more’ resolutions, why not make your 2021 resolutions themed for some excitement?

It’s time to kick off the year right - horology edition! For every month, here are some resolutions that are definitely worth looking into, one for every month:

January: Go through your current watch collection

Just like how we would look back and review the progress of our resolutions in the past year, it would be nice to look back on what we have achieved, or in this case what watches we have collected so far. We would have been almost at the end of January at the time of writing, but this is a simple enough exercise that would take minutes to do. Lay out all your watches (you could polish them a little as well while we’re at it!) and go through your current collection to take stock, appreciate how far you have come with your watch journey, and perhaps make a mental note of what timepieces you would like to work towards to add to your collection this year.

February: Play with vibrant colours for that pop

As we get ready for the Lunar New Year in February, make a commitment to push beyond the usual and, as the saying goes, dare to be different. Classic colours might be easy to match and therefore a natural choice, but it is 2021 and a new year calls for a new colour palette! Explore timepieces which will add that pop of colour in your wardrobe and who knows, 2021 might be the year you reinvent your style and up your game.

March: Explore different dial textures

We have gone into detail in a previous article about different dials - Rolex releases different dials to keep the brand fresh and exciting, and we would be doing them an incredible injustice if we did not pay it due respect to. Researching on different dials can help us not only appreciate the intricate workmanship behind each masterpiece, but also help gain a new perspective on the heritage of the brand brought out by one of its most prominent elements.

April: Explore different straps for various occasions

Your watch is as versatile as you want it to be. Switching out your classic metal strap for a rubber or fabric one can easily make your look go from dressy to sporty or casual. This also allows you to get more uses out of the same watch, without having to expand your collection.

May: Share your love for watches with your family and friends

Great things are meant to be shared. Whether it is to shell out interesting facts about horology or sound tips on choosing the right timepiece, it is a great conversation starter and who knows - you might end up inspiring some to be watch converts!

June: Reminder to wear all your watches

We have reached the halfway mark of 2021 - here is a timely mid-year nudge for you to actively wear your entire watch collection! It is normal to have a favourite watch that you naturally gravitate towards - but remember to show some love to the rest of your timepieces too, they all deserve more time out on your wrist!

July: Maintain your timepieces in tiptop shape

It is the time of the year to do a little cleaning. Taking your watches out of their cases every once in a while to wipe off the grime after being exposed to the elements is important in keeping your pieces in pristine condition. All it takes is some microfibre cloth, anti-bacterial wipes and some patience. Take the extra time to closely inspect your watches as well - if there are scratches or chips on the timepiece, this would require a more discerning and professional eye to inspect and service the watches where needed.

August: Appreciate the brands behind the faces

Your timepieces are more than just an aesthetic, an investment or a status symbol - it is an actual piece of heritage on your wrist. With education, experience and a nuanced understanding of how each element contributes towards the creation of these high-end pieces, it will make your purchases that much sweeter and might even spark a deeper connection with your timepieces.

September: Appreciate the classic models

This is especially for the first-time buyers - I am sure everyone would love to purchase the highly coveted Tudor Special Edition models (think Tudor Black Bay Green or the Tudor BB State of Qatar) on their first few tries, but unfortunately these ‘top-range’ models are more often than not prioritised for more seasoned or loyal buyers. Instead of lamenting the inevitable, try starting off with and working towards entry models first. This helps to not only manage expectations, but also makes the journey that much sweeter as you work towards the eventual goal of obtaining your dream watch.

October: Stay current with the knowledge

Learning is a never-ending process - especially with watches. With decades of history to discover and ever-evolving watch trends to follow, there is much to keep up to date with. Whether it is to research on new watch trends of 2021 (unconventional colour palettes, anyone?) or admiring the evolution of a watch through the years, let us all make 2021 an educational one by starting our ‘homework’ today!

November: Curate a new list of watches to look out for

We are just 2 months away from 2022, and it is time for us to look out for new timepieces! When coming up with a new list, use your newfound knowledge from research and experience to decide what would make a good addition to your current collection.

Even if it is just to look from afar, a guy (or girl) can dream.

December: Appreciate your watch collection

Yes you read this right, the start and end of each year are the best times to reflect on and review your watch collection - if you managed to obtain a new piece (or two!) over the course of the year, it is great to celebrate these wins. If not, your collection still deserves a second look to keep in mind and appreciate what you still have.

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8 commentaires

28 janv. 2021

Thanks for sharing . Great advice. 👍


27 janv. 2021

Very inspiring! Colourful watch collecting journey. <3


26 janv. 2021

Nice article & very good write-up!

The watch journey is about patience & celebration!


26 janv. 2021

All the watches 😍. Wonder what would be the one for 2021. Stay Strong all!


26 janv. 2021

My takeaway: Start with appreciating how far I have come and timepieces to work towards for 2021. Enjoy the journey!

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